Our personalized Wine Bottle Cheese Board has many names!

...wine bottle cheese boards, trays, servers, melted wine bottles...

Whatever their moniker, Vineyard Designs was the first in the states to offer cheese boards with LABELS and then to PERSONALIZE labels. We have been and continue to be copied by every vendor in the book! Our competitors look to us for their product ideas and labels. We are the only company to provide custom made boxes and we include our cheese knives. Please go to 'About Us' and learn of our history.

We introduced it to the US via Canada with this name but it has earned several more in it's short history. Among those names are:

  • Winery Cheese Board
  • Melted Wine Bottle Cheese Board
  • Wine Cheese Trays
  • Cheese Platter
  • Recycled Wine Bottle Servers
  • Flat Wine Bottle Cheese Tray
  • ...and the list goes on.

When we brought the recycled bottle or melted wine bottle to the market we changed it by adding first wine labels then personalized labels. Vineyard Designs is the first to offer design your own personalized wine labels in which you, the customer, designs your own very unique, custom wine label and we create and ship your personalized wine gift for you.


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